customised Prescription Skin Therapy

customised therapy

The prescription skin therapy treatment is the signature service designed by Douglas. Using state of the art technology, traditional manual facial methods combined with the power of medical grade active ingredients and professional products which stimulate and awaken the skins functions and cells.

The prescription skin therapy treatment focuses on the remodelling and restoration of your skin's functions to better your skins health and appearance, whilst simultaneously treating the signs of ageing. 

During the session Douglas will customise your treatment to improve your skins condition on that day, as well as target your key skin challenges by selecting your personalised combination of technologies, manual facial methods and active ingredients.


Session level will be determined by your skins requirements. More complex cases may require a higher level of treatment.

Single action customised therapy 30-45min 

Using one level of technology & method

double action customisedtherapy 45-60min 

Using two levels of technology & methods

Triple action customised therapy 60-75min 

Using three levels of technology & methods