Douglas Pereira clinical skin therapy, targets a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Douglas has developed a unique approach to treating skin using his philosophy of a customised approach to work in conjunction with the skin’s function, to better the health and visual appearance of your skin

Using a combination of state of the art medical grade equipment, Douglas' own exclusive range of cosmeceutical products, active ingredients, and his many years of knowledge about the skin, Douglas will take a customised approach to treating each person’s skin individually. Douglas approaches your skin based on its current condition, your skin goals and the performance of your skins functions. From here he will assess the best solutions for your skin and personalise a single treatment or design a plan to achieve your skin goals, for healthy beautiful skin.

 At Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy a broad spectrum of skin challenges and conditions are treated. Douglas specialises in the prevention, intervention and rejuvenation of the signs of ageing, pigmentation,  adult acne and acne scar reduction.

Located in his own private clinic, situated on Park Street in Sydney CBD, with views over looking Hyde Park and the eastern skyline.

Within his skin clinic Douglas also houses additional services such as cosmetic injectable treatments performed by a cosmetic physicians and natural health therapies advice conducted by a clinical naturopath.

Douglas believes that a combination of internal and external therapies are the key to healthy beautiful skin and wellbeing.   


Prevention of the signs of ageing

Intervention for the signs of ageing

Adult acne

Skin congestion 

Acne scarring

General scarring

Pre & post surgery


Pigmentation and sun damage

General rejuvenation

Skin balancing

Redness & capillary reduction

Warts, skin tags and age spots removal

Neck & Décolletage



Douglas Pereira The Master Of Healthy Beautiful Skin

Douglas Pereira has been treating skin for twenty years and has a passion for skin. Using his unique methods and philosophy to achieve beautiful healthy skin                                      

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Douglas Pereira Signature Cosmeceutical Homecare                                                                                                     

Cosmeceutical homecare that work in conjunction with the skin’s functions in order to stimulate and increase its natural processes on  a cellular level  to better the health of your skin

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