dermal Infusion Therapy

The Dermal Infusion treatment is a complete skin health and rejuvenation treatment as it includes a variety of devices during the session - Microhydrabrasion, LED light therapy and Dermapen Micro needling .05. Combined with customised active ingredients and high potency growth factors and a hyaluronic sheet mask to sooth and hydrate your skins health.

The main focus of the dermal infusion treatment is to infuse a customised blend of active ingredients and growth factors into the skin using the method of micro needling, with a needle length of .05 millimeters.

The treatment targets collagen and elastin stimulation, smooth’s skin texture, refining fine line and wrinkles, reducing pore size and treating deep skin health. 

Suited for: most skin types

Downtime: slight redness and warmth for 6-12 hours, occasionally minor skin peeling

Service Duration 60min