At Douglas pereira clinical skin therapy we offer an array of SPECIALISED services. our team of health, wellbeing and cosmetic SPECIALIST are HIGHLY skilled and qulified PROFESSIONAL

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Bronnie - Cosmetic Injectable Nurse

Bronnie is Registered Nurse and her been working in the medical cosmetic field since 2002. Initially an ICU Nurse sees crossed over to the work of medical beauty that she’s found her passion.

She’s known for injectable skill in restoring and recreating beauty in her beloved patients. She has a unique skill in using injectables in a very discreet restorative way. She calls it a ‘tweak’.

So much beauty can be created with small amount of filler in the perfect place and no one knows why, but you’re looking fresher than you have for years, and you’ll feel amazing.

She says she sees how a face  ‘use' to be or ‘could' be with an addition of her treatments; everyone wants a little upgrade, even some glamour



Anti wrinkle injections

Dermal fillers

Liquid facelift

Facial sculpting and contouring 



All bookings are made via the clinic  

Bronnie is in clinic every forth Monday of the month


Beautiful skin is healthy skin
— Douglas Pereira, Founder Skin Therapy