Cosmeceutical skincare which works in conjunction with the skin’s functions to stimulate and increase its natural processes on a cellular level

Douglas Pereira's cosmeceutical skincare range has been developed to naturally ‘train’ your skin to better regenerate itself. Active ingredients which are compatible with the body’s natural functions are used to encourage the skin to transform on a cellular level.  

By allowing these active ingredients to penetrate beyond the more superficial epidermal layer of the skin, a biological change to the dermal cells becomes possible.  This is the essence of Douglas Pereira cosmeceuticals and transformational skincare.

Many scientific studies and research articles support the effectiveness in treating the skin and its functions utilising these active ingredients.

However, these unique ingredients are only one part of the equation. As important as certain components are in a product, it is the delivery system of these ingredients which will determine the impact a product has on your skin.

Several studies illustrate that if a product is not delivered effectively, then up to 98% of the active ingredients are rendered useless.  Douglas Pereira's range has a liposomal coating on all active ingredients, meaning that their penetration is increased by 1000%.  This allows the ingredients to reach the deepest layers of the skin where they are needed the most

Key features of Skin Therapy By Douglas Pereira


No artificial colors, preservatives (Parabens), fragrances or irritants

No animal testing

All formulas are plant based and chirally correct,

The instant you try a Skin Therapy product you will sense its organic origins.

Scientifically proven to work 

Using important active ingredients such as Retinaldehyde, Niacinamide, 1,3 Beta Glucan and Ascorbic Acid all ingredients are backed by science,

Deeply Penetrating 

Most other skin care labels contain ingredients which, penetrate less than 5% into the skin,

Liposomal coating on all active ingredients means that their penetration is increased 1000%. This allows them to reach the deepest layers of the skin where they are needed most.


Most skin care regimes increase skin cell turnover by using a powerful combination of exfoliating chemicals and acids which although may show temporary benefits, ultimately age your skin. The skin therapy philosophy adopted by Douglas is to induce a natural exfoliation process. This involves stimulating and feeding your skin from the deepest layers up, restoring youthful exfoliation rates and increasing skin cell turnover naturally without any cell damage.